Adaptive Vocabulary Test: 3 Short Tests: Dunn, Dolch, SH40

Your help is very much appreciated. Please do the best you can. Your honest effort will contribute to developing more accurate and concise tests. Please enter your name, sex and birthdate once so 3 different test results may be linked together.

If you prefer to remain anonymous, please enter a unique fictious name, correct sex and a birthdate that gives the correct year so that your data will still be useful to me. Thanks!

If AFTER doing the 3 tests and making your contribution to my science project you want to do it again or just play you may, but please enter your first and last names as: "play" "play" so that this data is not entered into my research database. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Ok, FIRST enter ALL your information, and THEN click the "Dunn" test. When you finish the "Dunn" test choose the "Dolch" test. When you finish the "Dolch" test choose the "SH40" test. Thanks!

First Name= Last Name= Sex=
Birth Month= Birth Day= Birth Year= Teacher Name=
Father's Work= Mother's Work=
NOW choose and complete the 3 tests in order -->